Calling All Prophets

I can still remember the day I took one of those online tests which supposedly help you identify your spiritual gifts. They asked me about 50 questions and at the end I was told what my spiritual gifts were (or might be). As I read through my top results I saw a list off all the other gifts a person could have, and there was one that I was surprised to see…prophesy. Continue reading Calling All Prophets

Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 2)

Last week I wrote a post with some tips on how to read your bible better. If you have yet to read that post then you can find it here.

This week I am finishing up the post with part two. My hope is that after these two posts you will feel as if you are able to approach reading your bible more confidently, as well as walk away feeling as if you are reading it how God intended you to Continue reading Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 2)

Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 1)

The bible is a very unique piece of literature. A single book that is comprised of sixty-six other books that have been collected over the span of thousands of years. More than that, it makes claims to be divinely inspired. The words that are contained on the pages of scripture proclaim themselves to be words that have been breathed out by God. Continue reading Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 1)

Recapturing the Story

What is the Bible? I know it is a book that actually contains 66 books. I know that it is traditionally divided into two parts; the new and old testament. I know that the literary genres of the book vary: there are epistles, poetry, and historical accounts to name some. So I guess the question that I am asking is what exactly is the book we call the Bible getting at, Continue reading Recapturing the Story