One Thing That Makes Good Friday So Good

Today is Good Friday, an extremely important day in the church calendar. Good Friday is the day that we take time to remember and reflect on the crucified God, and there is plenty to think about. Continue reading One Thing That Makes Good Friday So Good

Open Theism: An Introduction

Have you ever found yourself asking questions that look like this?

Do we have free will?

Does God change His mind in response to human actions?

Is my fate decided for me beforehand?

Is God somehow behind the evil that happens?

If God has known from eternity past what I’m going to choose was I ever really free to choose in the first place?

Does God ordain everything from what socks I choose to wear in the morning to the miscarriage the woman down the street had?

Is the future completely settled? Continue reading Open Theism: An Introduction

The Good ISIS Member

If you are at all familiar with what I’ve written on this blog, or if you are familiar with my take on the Christian life, then you will know that I think it is a pretty big deal that we (Christians) should be peacemakers. We should be a people who are committed to bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in heaven, and that kingdom is a kingdom of peace. Now I think (that Jesus thinks) a big part of this is loving all people, and that “all people” even includes our enemies. When I talk about this I will often get two objections: Continue reading The Good ISIS Member

You May Need to Change Your Gospel…

First of all, Happy New Year! Second of all, Happy Birthday to me! My birthday is today. (In case anyone feels the need to send me a gift, you can get in contact with me for my address.) Anyway, the New Year is a strange time. It is really no different than December 31st, or any other day of the year for that matter, yet people suddenly feel the motivation to change their lives and their circumstances. Continue reading You May Need to Change Your Gospel…

Theology With a Limp

Normally I’ve been attempting to post every Saturday, but because of my move back to Chicago for another school term, my readjusting to a new schedule, and the need to do homework before writing I’ve fallen behind. I will be doing my best to continue to post every Saturday from here on out…but no promises. Continue reading Theology With a Limp

Have We Gotten the Good News Wrong?

Most people who have identified as Christians for any amount of time have become familiar with the term “gospel.” Gospel means “good news.” I don’t think I am sharing anything groundbreaking so far. However, I want to spend the duration of this post addressing the gospel. What is this good news? What makes it so good? Continue reading Have We Gotten the Good News Wrong?