Some Questions About Penal Substitution

The Church just finished celebrating Good Friday, a day all about remembering the crucifixion and sacrifice of Christ. This is a topic that has been on my mind a lot the last year or so. Continue reading Some Questions About Penal Substitution

One Thing That Makes Good Friday So Good

Today is Good Friday, an extremely important day in the church calendar. Good Friday is the day that we take time to remember and reflect on the crucified God, and there is plenty to think about. Continue reading One Thing That Makes Good Friday So Good

Open Theism: An Introduction

Have you ever found yourself asking questions that look like this?

Do we have free will?

Does God change His mind in response to human actions?

Is my fate decided for me beforehand?

Is God somehow behind the evil that happens?

If God has known from eternity past what I’m going to choose was I ever really free to choose in the first place?

Does God ordain everything from what socks I choose to wear in the morning to the miscarriage the woman down the street had?

Is the future completely settled? Continue reading Open Theism: An Introduction

The Good ISIS Member

If you are at all familiar with what I’ve written on this blog, or if you are familiar with my take on the Christian life, then you will know that I think it is a pretty big deal that we (Christians) should be peacemakers. We should be a people who are committed to bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in heaven, and that kingdom is a kingdom of peace. Now I think (that Jesus thinks) a big part of this is loving all people, and that “all people” even includes our enemies. When I talk about this I will often get two objections: Continue reading The Good ISIS Member

The King That Refused to be King

It’s an election year here in America and this means that there are political adds, political debates, political opinions, and political everything. I’m originally from Iowa and that is where the first caucus takes place, so I would get more than enough politics in a year. Continue reading The King That Refused to be King