George MacDonald Gets Me.

Hello all!

It’s been a crazy week of schooling and I have been pretty pressed for time. I still plan to finish my second post on theology (my central rule for thinking through any part of theology) really soon. However, I am going to need to change up the plan for this week and post something else…that I didn’t have to take the time to write. Continue reading George MacDonald Gets Me.

Theology With a Limp

Normally I’ve been attempting to post every Saturday, but because of my move back to Chicago for another school term, my readjusting to a new schedule, and the need to do homework before writing I’ve fallen behind. I will be doing my best to continue to post every Saturday from here on out…but no promises. Continue reading Theology With a Limp

Have We Gotten the Good News Wrong?

Most people who have identified as Christians for any amount of time have become familiar with the term “gospel.” Gospel means “good news.” I don’t think I am sharing anything groundbreaking so far. However, I want to spend the duration of this post addressing the gospel. What is this good news? What makes it so good? Continue reading Have We Gotten the Good News Wrong?

When Prayer Doesn’t Work

In last week’s post I talked a little bit about why I believe that prayer does indeed change more than just us (check it out here if you haven’t yet). However, sometimes our confidence in prayer wavers when our prayers just don’t seem to be answered. Continue reading When Prayer Doesn’t Work

Prayer Matters

Prayer is a confusing thing. Most people I talk with struggle to believe that prayer really changes anything. I mean, if God is all good and all powerful, won’t He simply just do what is best? Won’t He just do His thing no matter what or how I pray? I think this is a great question to be asked, and I have a few thoughts in response. Continue reading Prayer Matters

Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 2)

Last week I wrote a post with some tips on how to read your bible better. If you have yet to read that post then you can find it here.

This week I am finishing up the post with part two. My hope is that after these two posts you will feel as if you are able to approach reading your bible more confidently, as well as walk away feeling as if you are reading it how God intended you to Continue reading Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 2)

Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 1)

The bible is a very unique piece of literature. A single book that is comprised of sixty-six other books that have been collected over the span of thousands of years. More than that, it makes claims to be divinely inspired. The words that are contained on the pages of scripture proclaim themselves to be words that have been breathed out by God. Continue reading Want to Read the Bible Better? (Part 1)