I Can’t Wait to Leave Heaven

When you thinkĀ “heaven” what comes to mind? Pearly gates? Clouds and harps? What if I said that the cartoon version of heaven (halos and all) falls short of what Christianity and the bible really have to say about it? Continue reading I Can’t Wait to Leave Heaven

A Kingdom Like a Mustard Seed

Jesus was an interesting guy. He went around saying a lot of things, and often times they were in strange stories called parables. I have heard people call these parablesĀ “earthly stories with heavenly truth.”

I don’t necessarily disagree with this concept, but I think we are missing the bigger picture within Jesus’ use of parables. Continue reading A Kingdom Like a Mustard Seed

Recapturing the Story

What is the Bible? I know it is a book that actually contains 66 books. I know that it is traditionally divided into two parts; the new and old testament. I know that the literary genres of the book vary: there are epistles, poetry, and historical accounts to name some. So I guess the question that I am asking is what exactly is the book we call the Bible getting at, Continue reading Recapturing the Story