I’m a Camel Gulper

Hi I’m Curtis, and I am a recovering camel gulper.

No, you read that sentence right. I used to love to gulp down camels. Honestly, sometimes I still do. Continue reading I’m a Camel Gulper

Quit Making Converts

If you know me or you’ve read any number of my blogs then you will know that I like theology. I like to talk about it, think about it, write about it, and go crazy over it. Because of this, some of my posts can get a little…dry. Continue reading Quit Making Converts

You May Need to Change Your Gospel…

First of all, Happy New Year! Second of all, Happy Birthday to me! My birthday is today. (In case anyone feels the need to send me a gift, you can get in contact with me for my address.) Anyway, the New Year is a strange time. It is really no different than December 31st, or any other day of the year for that matter, yet people suddenly feel the motivation to change their lives and their circumstances. Continue reading You May Need to Change Your Gospel…

Effort and Earning

I have been really bad at being consistent in my posts so sorry for anyone who has been anxiously awaiting my next one (yeah I’m talking to you mom).

I really do want to be more regular. I suppose it’s harder than I thought to balance all of my responsibilities and also find time to think through a post, write it, re-write it, re-re-rewrite it, disagree with myself after I’ve written it, start all over, Continue reading Effort and Earning

George MacDonald Gets Me.

Hello all!

It’s been a crazy week of schooling and I have been pretty pressed for time. I still plan to finish my second post on theology (my central rule for thinking through any part of theology) really soon. However, I am going to need to change up the plan for this week and post something else…that I didn’t have to take the time to write. Continue reading George MacDonald Gets Me.

Theology With a Limp

Normally I’ve been attempting to post every Saturday, but because of my move back to Chicago for another school term, my readjusting to a new schedule, and the need to do homework before writing I’ve fallen behind. I will be doing my best to continue to post every Saturday from here on out…but no promises. Continue reading Theology With a Limp

Prayer Matters

Prayer is a confusing thing. Most people I talk with struggle to believe that prayer really changes anything. I mean, if God is all good and all powerful, won’t He simply just do what is best? Won’t He just do His thing no matter what or how I pray? I think this is a great question to be asked, and I have a few thoughts in response. Continue reading Prayer Matters